February 25 2019

Beginning today, and ending on Monday, the Moon is cooperating with the planet Mercury. The Moon sitting in Scorpio might mean a desire which is rejuvinating, and possesive in your area of conversations, analysis, and short journeys. It might be beneficial to debate with a friend, or think about a spouse, while this easy, natural connection continues.

Elsewhere: starting today, and concluding on Wednesday, the Moon is moving through Sagittarius. For you, Virgoans, this means a few days where home, and family are more nurturing, and homely to you. Our Moon, when in Sagittarius, provides a faithful, independent feeling.

As well: continuing today, and concluding on Monday, the planet Mars is teaming up with the planet Uranus. Your area of long journeys, law, and higher learning is provided with a physical, dependable action by Mars in the sign of Taurus. While this powerful connection continues, it may be good to hook up with a stranger, or to be adventurous in bed.