February 20 2019

Continuing today, and finishing on the 11th, our Sun is partnering with Mars. Your area of partnerships, close relationships, and contracts is provided with a motivation which is ethereal, and perceptive by the Sun in the sign of Pisces. While this convenient, natural connection continues, it may be good to collaborate with a stranger, or to be adventurous with your partner.

Elsewhere: starting today, and ending on Wednesday, the Moon is harmonizing with Saturn. Your area of world view, first impressions, and image is filled with a desire which is careful, and analytical by our Moon in the sign of Virgo. It might be beneficial to have fun with something new, or start something fun, while this beneficial, positive connection continues.

Also today: continuing today, and concluding on the 25th, Mercury is tussling with Jupiter. Mercury present in Pisces may mean your area of partnerships, close relationships, and contracts is infused with a consideration which is dream-like, and contemplative. While this diffcult clash continues, it may be frustrating to trust your partner, or to stay home with your significant other.