February 25 2019

Beginning today, and ending on Monday, our Moon is connecting with Venus. The Moon sitting in Scorpio may mean a desire which is rejuvinating, and tenacious in your area of partnerships, close relationships, and contracts. While this convenient, natural connection continues, it might be opportune to be adventurous with your partner, or to investigate a contract.

As well: continuing today, and finishing on the 11th, our Sun is harmonizing with the planet Mars. Our Sun present in Pisces might mean your area of organizations, clubs, and social groups is supplied with an intuitive, contemplative motivation. It may be good to make a new aquaintance, or meet a group for the first time, while this easy, oppertunistic link continues.

Elsewhere: starting today, and concluding on Wednesday, the Moon is moving through Sagittarius. For you, Taurians, this means a period of three days where taboos, sex, and close relationships are more nurturing, and homely to you. The Moon, when in Sagittarius, provides a desire which is athletic, and independent.