Star Wars Video Highlights Facebook 360 Footage

September 24, 2015  

Star Wars is among the films and publishers using the ability to post new 360-degree videos on Facebook.

The videos, which are being rolled out on news feeds from today, are made by a special set of cameras used to record all angles of a scene simultaneously.

When the video is played on Facebook, the viewer can choose which angle they want to view it from by dragging the video with a computer cursor or by dragging it with your finger on phones or tablets.

Also among those using the new video type are Discovery, GoPro, VICE, Disney and NBC’s Saturday Night Live. The 360-degree version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens will allow viewers to feel like they are in the Star Wars universe, Facebook says.

The videos are to be rolled out on the web and Android “soon” and for iOS “in the coming months”, Facebook added.