February 25 2019

Starting today, and ending on Monday, the Moon is collaborating with the planet Venus. The Moon sitting in Scorpio may mean a revolutionary, possesive desire in your area of foreign countries, higher learning, ethics and law. It may be good to be with friends of friends, or research an organization, while this harmonious, natural connection continues.

As well: continuing today, and concluding on the 16th of April, Mercury is moving through Pisces. For you, Pisces, this means about two months where your general outlook, and appearance are in your thoughts, and seem clearer in your mind. The planet Mercury, when in the sign of Pisces, provides a contemplative, perceptive curiosity.

Elsewhere: continuing today, and finishing on Monday, Mars is combining with the planet Uranus. Your area of brief trips, discussion, and thinking is filled with a stable, resistant action by Mars in Taurus. While this intensive link continues, it might be good to analyze your finances, or to talk about money.