North Korean 'peace gift' dog has six puppies

November 26, 2018  

The six Pungsan puppies were born to Gomi, who was a gift to the South Korean president from Kim Jong Un earlier this year.

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South Korea’s president has revealed the first pictures of puppies born to a “peace gift” dog given to him by North Korea.

The six puppies – three male and three female – were born earlier this month and the official Twitter account for South Korea’s presidential Blue House said they were all “very healthy”.

The dog, Gomi, was one of two Pungsan dogs given to Moon Jae In as a gift from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in September as a gesture of peace between the two sides.

The breed is quite rare and is native to the mountainous northern region of North Korea.

평양에서 열린 2018 남북정상회담 당시 북측은 풍산개 암수 한 쌍을 선물로 전달했습니다. 개들은 동물검역 절차를 진행한 후 지난 주 목요일인 9월 27일에 청와대에 왔습니다. 풍산개는 북한 천연기념물 제368호로 주인을 잘 따르며 용맹한 성격으로 알려져 있습니다.

They are best known for loyalty and courage and are used to spending many hours hunting outdoors.

Mr Moon has met Mr Kim three times this year and also played a major role in encouraging Mr Kim to meet with US president Donald Trump.

North Korea also sent a pair of Punsang dogs after the first inter-Korean summit in 2000.

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The dogs were kept at a zoo before they died of natural causes in 2013.

During the same summit, South Korea gave the North two indigenous Jindo dogs.

But, despite the growing goodwill between the two countries, there have been no major breakthrough in efforts to get North Korea to end its nuclear programme.

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