February 25 2019

Starting today, and finishing on Monday, our Moon is coordinating with Venus. The Moon sitting in Scorpio may mean a desire which is passionate, and revolutionary in your area of finance, personal values, and property. While this oppertunistic collaboration continues, it might be good to buy something for your home, or to buy something for your family.

As well: continuing today, and concluding on the 11th, the Sun is collaborating with Mars. Our Sun sitting in Pisces may mean a power which is perceptive, and intuitive in your area of health, routine tasks, and jobs. It may be opportune to work on joint finances, or overhaul your daily tasks, while this harmonious, natural connection continues.

Also today: beginning today, and concluding on Wednesday, the Moon is moving through Sagittarius. For you, Libra, this means a few days where your local area, communications with others, and short trips are comforting, and nurturing for you. The Moon, when in Sagittarius, provides an adventurous, restless need.