February 20 2019

Continuing today, and concluding on the 11th, the Sun is coordinating with the planet Mars. The Sun present in Pisces may mean your area of joint-resources, sexuality, and taboo is provided with an intuitive, ethereal power. It might be good to make career changes, or transform your reputation, while this natural, oppertunistic link continues.

Elsewhere: starting today, and finishing on Wednesday, the Moon is cooperating with the planet Saturn. The Moon sitting in the sign of Virgo might mean a critical, practical feeling in your area of finances, property, and values. It might be beneficial to buy someone a gift, or improve your health, while this easy, natural connection continues.

As well: continuing today, and ending on Thursday, our Sun is harmonizing with Uranus. Your area of secrecy, shared resources, and sexuality is filled with a contemplative, intuitive impulse by the Sun in the sign of Pisces. While this easy, oppertunistic link continues, it may be opportune to be adventurous in bed, or to hook up with a stranger.