February 25 2019

Beginning today, and finishing on Monday, our Moon is connecting with the planet Venus. The Moon sitting in Scorpio might mean a need which is tenacious, and passionate in your area of family-life, house-hold, and instincts. It might be good to take your work home with you, or work with your family, while this harmonious, natural connection continues.

Elsewhere: continuing today, and concluding on the 16th of April, Mercury is moving through the sign of Pisces. For you, Leos, this means two months where shared resources, sexual relationships, and secrecy are provided with a rational nature, and are better understood by you. The planet Mercury, when in Pisces, provides a perceptive, dream-like notion.

Also today: continuing today, and ending on Monday, the planet Mars is combining with Uranus. Mars sitting in the sign of Taurus might mean a physical, resistant drive in your area of career, life-path, and society. It might be good to perform in front of strangers, or research a career, while this intensive link continues.