February 25 2019

Starting today, and concluding on Monday, the Moon is partnering with Mercury. The Moon sitting in the sign of Scorpio might mean a feeling which is possesive, and rejuvinating in your area of routine tasks, health, and techniques. It might be good to do soemthing for your boss, or work in front of an audience, while this easy, natural connection continues.

Also today: beginning today, and concluding on Wednesday, the Moon is moving through Sagittarius. For you, Gemini, this means about three days where partnerships, spouses, and contracts are fostered, and more familiar in your life. Our Moon, when in the sign of Sagittarius, provides an independent, restless need.

As well: continuing today, and finishing on Monday, Mars is combining with Uranus. Your area of alone-time, mystery, and dreaming is infused with an activity which is physical, and methodical by the planet Mars in the sign of Taurus. It might be good to contemplate your wishes, or ask your team about yourself, while this powerful connection continues.