February 25 2019

Starting today, and concluding on Monday, the Moon is connecting with the planet Mercury. Your area of social circles, groups, and friendships is infused with a feeling which is rejuvinating, and passionate by our Moon in Scorpio. It may be good to talk to an audience, or have a group meeting, while this beneficial, positive connection continues.

As well: continuing today, and ending on Monday, the planet Mars is joining with Uranus. The planet Mars sitting in the sign of Taurus might mean your area of leisure activities, fun, and unwinding is supplied with an action which is reliable, and dependable. It may be good to have fun at home, or relax with your family, while this intensive connection continues.

Elsewhere: beginning today, and concluding on Wednesday, the Moon is moving through the sign of Sagittarius. For you, Capricornian, this means three days where privacy, alone-time, and reflection are fostered, and more familiar in your life. Our Moon, when in Sagittarius, provides a feeling which is adventurous, and faithful.