February 25 2019

Starting today, and ending on Monday, our Moon is coordinating with the planet Venus. The Moon present in Scorpio might mean a feeling which is passionate, and tenacious in your area of pleasure, leisure, gaming, and creative self expression. It might be good to relax with your partner, or have fun with a significant other, while this convenient, natural connection continues.

Elsewhere: continuing today, and finishing on the 11th, the Sun is cooperating with the planet Mars. The Sun present in Pisces might mean an agenda which is dream-like, and intuitive in your area of long journeys, law, and higher learning. It might be good to research an organization, or be with friends of friends, while this harmonious, natural connection continues.

As well: beginning today, and concluding on Wednesday, the Moon is moving through Sagittarius. For you, Cancer, this means three days where health, routine, and tasks are more nurturing, and homely to you. The Moon, when in the sign of Sagittarius, provides a feeling which is adventurous, and faithful.