February 20 2019

Starting today, and finishing on Wednesday, our Moon is battling with Neptune. The Moon present in the sign of Virgo might mean a feeling which is detail-oriented, and analytical in your area of conversations, analysis, and short journeys. While this contradictory, trying connection continues, it may be tricky to talk to someone from a different culture, or to think about a holiday.

Also today: continuing today, and concluding on the 30th of March, the planet Mars is moving through the sign of Taurus. For you, Cancer, this means a few of weeks where social circles, and friends are exciting, and enliven you. Mars, when in Taurus, provides a drive which is methodical, and stable.

Elsewhere: continuing today, and concluding on the 1st, the planet Venus is moving through Capricorn. For you, Cancerians, this means about a week where partnerships, spouses, and contracts are more valuable, and pleasant to you. Venus, when in Capricorn, provides an aesthetic which is cautious, and tenacious.