February 20 2019

Continuing today, and ending on the 11th, our Sun is harmonizing with Mars. Your area of mystery, sprituality, and privacy is filled with an ethereal, intuitive agenda by the Sun in Pisces. It may be good to spend money on something spiritual, or dwell on your finances, while this natural, oppertunistic link continues.

Also today: starting today, and concluding on Wednesday, our Moon is harmonizing with Saturn. Our Moon present in Virgo might mean your area of routine tasks, health, and techniques is infused with a detail-oriented, analytical need. It may be beneficial to do soemthing for your boss, or work in front of an audience, while this easy, natural connection continues.

As well: continuing today, and finishing on Thursday, the Sun is partnering with Uranus. Your area of spirituality, subconcious, and mystery is filled with an agenda which is intuitive, and contemplative by our Sun in Pisces. It may be good to take a leap in to the unknown, or dwell on your appearance, while this convenient, natural connection continues.