February 25 2019

Beginning today, and finishing on Monday, our Moon is collaborating with the planet Venus. Your area of joint-resources, sexuality, and taboo is filled with a passionate, rejuvinating desire by the Moon in Scorpio. It may be good to make career changes, or transform your reputation, while this oppertunistic collaboration continues.

As well: continuing today, and concluding on the 16th of April, Mercury is moving through the sign of Pisces. For you, Arians, this means a couple of months where privacy, alone-time, and reflection are more interesting, and examined more closely by you. Mercury, when in Pisces, provides a dream-like, perceptive notion.

Also today: continuing today, and ending on Monday, Mars is combining with Uranus. Mars sitting in Taurus may mean a resistant, dependable activity in your area of finances, property, and values. While this powerful link continues, it might be good to buy something new, or to go for a new look.