February 20 2019

Beginning today, and ending on Wednesday, the Moon is competing with Mercury. The Moon present in Virgo may mean your area of secrecy, shared resources, and sexuality is infused with a careful, detail-oriented need. It might be a struggle to pool your resources, or buy something secretly, while this fluctuating, tricky link continues.

As well: continuing today, and concluding on the 30th of March, the planet Mars is moving through Taurus. For you, Aquarius, this means about a month where home, and family are energizing, and motivate you. Mars, when in the sign of Taurus, provides an activity which is reliable, and physical.

Also today: continuing today, and concluding on the 1st, the planet Venus is moving through Capricorn. For you, Aquarians, this means over a week where privacy, alone-time, and reflection are more emotive, and worth while to. Venus, when in Capricorn, provides a cautious, dogged sensibility.